Khieer Saudi Arabia with its people

It is an inspirational talk show and awareness program that highlights personalities who have contributed to humanitarian work and have a societal impact, to talk about their experiences of giving with awareness and doing good, and the impact of giving on them and the members of society on internal growth to affect its external surroundings

Main Aspects

  • Yusr
  • humanity
  • harmony


  • Spreading the culture of giving consciously, influencing the community, and enhancing the love of giving among the public
  • Promote a sense of humanity and sympathy in the public
  • Documenting and presenting the experiences of the characters in an inspirational, distinctive and simple style
  • Inspiring the able to do good

Volunteer development trips

It is the idea of pioneering project to transform tourism for developmental and voluntary goals for the sake of the place and the human being.

Main Goals

  • Introducing the place and the human being from a developmental and voluntary angle, by searching for natural resources and immersing in human experiences and coming up with unforgettable experiences
  • For the interested community to find a way to get to know the place and the person and communicate closely
  • We reflect empathy, humanization, and support for development communities by supporting and purchasing, documenting and publishing experiences, or coming up with opportunities.
  • Activating the role of the third sector in supporting and enabling development and volunteer tourism trips