Khieer Saudi Arabia within 2030

One of the pillars of Vision 2030 is for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to be an “ambitious nation and responsible citizenship.” Khair seeks to be a part of achieving this vision

Responsibility in life

Saudi Khieer Vision represents a far-reaching and wide-ranging responsibility and influence on the present and future of beneficiaries, volunteers and partners


Responsibility at work

Saudi Khair contributes to linking the capable entities of institutions and individuals with the beneficiaries of charitable societies to work on their development, empowerment and employment, adopting sustainability as a primary value in its performance. It also attracts volunteer competencies and works to develop, empower and employ them to serve the community.


Responsibility in society

Saudi Khair contributes to instilling the values ​​of social solidarity and volunteering in society. It also goes beyond that to providing actual opportunities to realize the principles of humanizing charitable work and giving with awareness and cooperation in a way that exudes the integration of Saudi society.